Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 8 : Restraint System (Seatbelts)

Seat Belt
A three-point seatbelt is a belt with three attachment points: one on the side pillar, and one on each side of the driver's or passenger's hips.
The three-point belt is superior to the older lap-only seatbelt for a couple of reasons.
Not only do three-point belts reduce the likelihood of the wearer hitting the steering wheel, windshield, or other interior surfaces, but they spread the crash forces over more of the body and reduce the strain of the lap belt on the lower body.

When it works properly, the seat belt is indisputably the most important safety device in an automobile. When it works poorly or completely fails to work, the seat belt can cause serious injury and even death

When seat belts fail. In many instances, injury to a belted occupant is due simply to crash forces and the inescapable violence involved in car wrecks.

After all, seat belts cannot immunize us from injury in a collision. However, in a still significant number of cases, the injury would not have occurred but for a defect in the seat belt system.

So wear safety belt for your safety.
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